Articles For Sale and Wanted

Thank you for visiting this page which is sponsored by The Boatshop, Leighton Buzzard and PcFix of Milton Keynes. We are very lucky at the Hula rescue centre in that we receive lots of new and used items that can be passed on to animal owners.

We have put together a small shop with everything from animal bowls to large travel cages. All the items are sold at very realistic prices as you can see from the items below.

If you have anything that you would like to donate or buy, give Loretta a call on 07971305880 and she will arrange viewing.

Hula animal rescue centre is run purely on charitable donations. We have an open day once a month and the centre is open for viewing very weekend. We are always looking for reliable volunteers to help on these days. Dog walkers are always welcome with the kennel full at the moment.

Hula has recently appointed a Director whose name is Karina Collins. Please give her a call her on 01908 584055, if you can help in any way.

HULA Animal Rescue is a registered charity. The Registered charity no is: 1094115

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